The “Apple USB SuperDrive” is not supported on this Mac.

by on Mar.23, 2016, under MAC

open command line terminal
sudo nvram boot-args=”mbasd=1″

drive should be recognized after reboot

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SFTP Received Message Too Long

by on May.28, 2013, under Linux, MAC

“Received message too long” can be caused by using /sbin/nologin as the users shell for an account that is being accessed via SFTP. SFTP generates the error when it receives unexpected output during the login.

lily:~ dervish$ grep user /etc/passwd
user:x:101347:101347:User SFTP Account:/var/SFTP/user:/sbin/nologin

lily:~ dervish$ sftp's password:
Received message too long 1416128883

touch /etc/nologin.txt

lily:~ dervish$ sftp's password:
Connection closed

lily:~ dervish$ /sbin/nologin
This account is currently not available.

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