Admin Sarcasm On Why The Server Is So Slow

by on Jun.22, 2011, under Jokes, Politics

Per section 6.1 Navigational Deflector of the starship maintenance manual, I think it’s encountering slip stream collisions due to failure to properly install secondary deflector. Suggest installation/repair of secondary deflector to assist stabilization and performance enhancement.

“When entering into Quantum Slip Stream speeds the Auxiliary deflector system plays a critical role in establishing a stable slip stream conduit through which matter can pass. The Ventral deflector contains a series of 4 graviton flux inverters which allow the near perfect stabilization of a slip stream conduit without the need for perpetual polaric modulation by the main deflector system. The entire deflector network is tied directly into the compute and NAV COM core which then ties into the slip stream generator and the Flight Control data processors. While slip stream speeds can be attained without the use of the secondary deflector it severely limits the vessels flight time to three minutes every six hours, and greatly increases the risk of slip stream collision.”

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