Postfix/Dovecot Install

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Linux, Red Hat

Install Postfix:
yum install postfix (RedHat)
apt-get install postfix (Debian)

Add Domains to Accept Mail For:
vi /etc/postfix/
mydestination = localhost.localdomain, localhost,, host

Tell Postfix to use Maildir instead of mbox format:
postconf -e "home_mailbox = Maildir/"
postconf -e "mailbox_command ="

Set MAIL variable in /etc/profile:
export MAIL=$HOME/Maildir

Restart Postfix:
service postfix restart

Mail local user and confirm mail is delivered.

Install Dovecot:
apt-get install dovecot-common dovecot-imapd dovecot-pop3d

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